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Re: Sarge bootcd with newer 2.6 kernel

Maurice Lucas writes:

> Hello,
> I want to make my own custom sarge bootcd because I need a newer 2.6 kernel.
> How can I do this?
> Or is there another way to boot my pc with a new (2.6.12-3 does work) kernel
> and then install sarge from scratch?
> With kind regards,
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Maurice Lucas

I think you just type 'linux26' at the boot prompt on the cd.  Press F1 to 
bring up the help to check.  However I think this is 2.6.8.

Are you saying the installer won't actually run on your machine with 2.4?  If 
it does it probably better to install using the 2.4 kernel, then upgrade to 
2.6 by installing the relevent kernel-image package.  You'll then end up with 
both options on your Grub boot menu.



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