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NETRA AX1105-500 Installation Problem

Hi Everybody,

I 'm running RedHat, Fedora on my Intel systems and due to that fact that it
is great.
I have got UltraSPARC computer couple weeks ago. It is some kind of
Fujitsu-Siemens computer.
In general, the computer has UltraSPARC. The motherboard is NETRA
Everything is perfect with Solaris9, Solaris 10. I haven't had any problem
with that at all, except of wireless thing on Solaris.
Basically, I am running wireless network around my computers (I mean Access
Point on Intersil Prism Chip).
It is working with Linux RedHat (kernels: 2.4.xx, 2.6.xx).
But Solaris... I didn't find any clear descriptions about wireless on
Solaris platform. I have got an ideas, that technology is not providing by
Sun at this moment. That is why, I have decided to install Linux for SPARC
on my SPARC Computer.
I have tried couple of distributions like Debian, RedHat 6.2, Fedore even
FreeBSD (5.4-release) etc. I didn't have positive result.
In general, my problem is following:

Booting was perfect, I have understood the OpenBoot thing as well. The
problem was coming when Linux kernel was booted up.
At that moment, I was losing PS/2 keyboard and mouse. I could not work with
screens, I could not make any selection etc.
My input devices were stuck, locked or killed by kernel.

I am not so much familiar with Linux on SPARC. I would like to ask anybody
who is more expirienced at that field.
Does anybody have any ideas how to install Linux on SPARC properly?
Can anybody give right way to install Linux On SPARC?
Does anybody know about right methods of installtion (net, cdrom etc)?
I would appreciate your helping. Thanks.

My profile:
   Motherbooard:    NETRA AX1105-500.

With best regard

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