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Debian Sarge - kernel 2.6 problem


Yesterday I tried to install Debian Sarge with an offical cd image,
but I wasn't able to use the 2.6 kernel since it couldn't detect
my dvd drive. The model is from Plextor. Was released in december
last year I think?

Anyway, I decided to use the 2.4.27 kernel instead. Since I need
a 2.6 kernel, I have tried the precompiled kernel which comes with
Debian, none of them work!! I've tested the 386 optimised version
and the P4 optimised version. Well, both boots up my system
and detect a lot of hardware but it stops after a while and then
it complains about that the: /dev/console doesn't exist.

I think this is a serious BUG i Debian!! Not being able to use the
2.6 kernel in the installation and not even being able to upgrade
to this kernel at a later time. When I install a precompiled kernel
package, the Debian installer should install all the packages which
is needed by the system, but apparently that's not the case! :-(
I am confused however. I managed to set up a 2.6 kernel with
Sarge unstable just a few months ago, so this is strange indeed.
And maybe I'm the BIG BUG here. 8-(
Can someone help me with this?

Currently, the sound is not working. According to Alsaconf it can't
find my soundcard: creative audigy zs. So I guess this kernel don't
have suitable sound drivers for my system. The 3D graphics is
VERY VERY slow, so I think I need to rebuild the FireGL module
and edit a textfile somewhere where I need to change a number
in line 452. The file is called: make.sh. I don't know if this last thing
really makes any sense nowadays, but it did improve my 3D
graphics on my Debian Woody system(my old system) by at least
50 times, or something? (I don't know exactly... but it was fast as
hell! ;-))


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