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Re: network notification

According to ????????? v????????,
> hey guys, i have a small problem with my network cable becomeing unplugged 
> on my laptop, is there any program that will notify me with a popup or 
> something when it does become unplugged? it doesnt come out of the jack but 
> just enough to drop the connection, it gets quite annoying when i am 
> chatting only to find out half of the messeges havent made to the 
> destination because of the cable. can anyone help me?

In /etc/network/interfaces you can add 'up <command>' and
'down <command>' stanzas to the paragraph of the interface 
in question.  Clearly there's no xauth in that environment,
so lazy me uses 'wall' (I always have an xterm up).  

Having it pop up a GUI notification is an exercise I'll 
leave to others.  (Hint: you'll probably have to set 
DISPLAY and do an xauth merge)

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