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Re: debian sarge freeze computer

Paulo Neves wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a problem that  occurs on 2  IBM PIV 2.4Ghz, 1 Gb RAM and 40Gb
> IDE HDD with debian sarge 3.1 (kernel 2.6).
> On other computer, the same debian don't give-me any problem.

I've exactly the same problem with similar symtoms.  Its also on IBM
2.4Ghz P4s (Netvistas - I've tried two identical machines).  Its not
like its a complete freeze, but the system becomes *so* slow it may as
well be.  For example, the 'beep' you get when bash autocomplete fails
lasts for several seconds.  A shutdown takes tens of minutes.  I've no
graphical environment installed and am pretty sure that its a kernel
I've witnessed this problem on both 2.6.8-2 and 2.6.11-1 (from
unstable).  So far, 2.4.27-2 seems to be unaffected.  I'm not sure
about load average, but my cpu average was also around 0%.  If it
helps, I'm using XFS on top of LVM on top of RAID 1.
Any suggestions?  I might give a vanilla kernel a go.

Kind Regards,

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