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Grub error 17

I am new to debian and have just installed sarge on to a 160g sata disk
on an Asus P5P800, when it came to installing grub I wnt for the choice
of installing it on that disk but it said it ws not able to, so I let
it install on the primary master which has win2k, however on a restart
I just got grub error 17 and then nothing....
No problem restoring the windows bootsector and I have installed grub
on a floppy, but I would rather have it on one of the internal drives.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to rectify this.

A second problem, I installed X and kde, which also installed the
2.6.x kernel, if I try to boot from that it panics over /dev/console
not found, any clues in that direction would be useful

many thanks


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