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Re: apt-get: Command not found.

James A. Donald:

> apt-get: Command not found.

Very strange. apt-get is not deprecated and it should be in /usr/bin.

> and manually starting the daemons with 
> nmbd -D
> smbd -D

In Debian, for every daemon or service there is an init script in
/etc/init.d. All of them take at least the arguments 'start' and 'stop'.
So you can just say '/etc/init.d/samba start' (or 'restart' when it is
already running) and Samba should run fine.

> But then I wanted it to automatically start the daemons on reboot, and
> I had no idea how to do that.  

This should be the default behaviour. If you are unsure, run
'update-rc.d samba defaults'to restore the default symlinks to the init
script in the directories for all the runlevels (/etc/rcX.d/).

> (Which might be a good thing, for all I know this is a really stupid
> way to install the daemons to be launched on startup.


> I conjecture that apt-get has been replaced with some cool gui based
> configuration tool, and apt-get is no longer on the path.

It is. All of the fancy GUI programs rely on apt-get so it still has to
be there.

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