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Re: can't connect with putty

Sorry for barsting in on this thread in the middle...i didn't read the start of it...
But are you running some kind of FW?? maybe iptables??
Try telnet the hostname like so:
$telnet  <hostname> 22
if you get a connection = good! it not a FW problem.
If not = then you probably block ssh out connections or the other side deny ssh or sshd id down.

Meni Szapiro

On 8/1/05, Yoram Hekma <Yoram.Hekma@aoes.com> wrote:
On Sun, 2005-07-31 at 06:54 +0000, Daniel McBrearty wrote:
> > this is confusing message out of context but from what I remember:
> >
> > a) can you connect with ssh hostname
> > b) with ssh IPaddress
> > c) with putty & hostname
> > d) with putty & IPaddress
> >
> > if yes to b and d, but not to a and c, then it's a DNS thing.
> >
> > if yes to a and b, but no to c or d, then it's a putty thing.
> >
> yes, sorry for the confusion. putty and ssh have the same behaviour, ergo it's a
> DNS thing. But ping by hostname is fine and the browser works fine by hostname,
> ergo DNS is basically OK.
> So either it's a quite subtle DNS problem, or a DNS/ssh interaction, by my logic.

Is the DNS config on your server setup right? I know you can have
problems if the server tries to resolve the machine which is connecting
to it and can't (in my experience only slow connections, but who knows).
If I remember right, you can define UseDNS in your sshd_config.

Just a thought

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