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Re: more info

On 27 July 2005 Dylan Evans wrote:

> it did initially, which I tried to capture into a file by saying
> startx > testinfo.test
> so I could read all the messages later in their entirety, but it didn't
> work, and the file was empty.  Anyway, I did find out what was wrong (I
> think).  the /var/log/XFree86.0.log file had this to say about gdm (the 
> it uses, I think) failing:

OK, you have detected one of the most (as long as X11 makes trouble)
important log files. There are others. This is one of the nice features
of UNIX, it logs what it is doing :-) It is not a (IMHO impossible)
DWIAT-(Do What IAm Thinking) program.

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