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cfengine2 Beginner problems.

Hi.  I'm trying to set up two Debian Sarge machines as my playground
for cfengine.

My initial goal is to have a simple edit of my /etc/motd files.  I have
gotten this working only on one host--the policy server (PS) serves

I feel uncertain about the location of files on my PS.
There are references to /masterfiles, /var/cfengine/inputs,
/var/lib/cfengine2/inputs, /etc/cfengine and the cf_install_dir.

Does "cf_install_dir" only refer to the location of the cfagent binary
on the client (host running cfagent)?

What is the difference between /var/lib/cfengine2/inputs and
/var/cfengine/inputs?  Is this just a Debian packaging artifact?

Which versions of update.conf and cfagent.conf should go where on
the PS and other clients?

I know I have a problem with authorizations.  My PS has a fixed localdomain
IP:, this localdomain is nameserved without any authority by
dnsmasq.  My other client is in the same localdomain but is a dhcp
client.  Running "cfservd --debug" on the client I see that the PS host
is recognized but the user, root or me,  is not authorized.

I have been doing too many voodoo incantations.  Help.  Thanks.

Be well,

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