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Re: Problem with Gnomebaker or CDRecord


> I was able to edit fstab and get Debian to recognize the new DVD/CD
> writable drive that I installed this weekend. (I have no problem
> reading a CD and copying files from a CD in the new drive to my hard
> drive.)
> However, when I try to use Gnomebaker to write to a blank CD-R, I get
> the following error messages. Can anyone offer suggestions on what the
> problem is and how I would fix it?
> Thanks,
> Scott Huey
> Error Messages:
> cdrecord: No write mode specified
> cdrecord: assuming -tao mode
> cdrecord: Future versions of cdrecord may have ddifferent drive
> dependant defaults.
> cdrecord: Continuing in 5 seconds...
> cdrecord: Operation not permitted. WARNING: Cannot do mlockall.
This is a very good error message. I ask google and get many of side
which help. 

Do you try it as root? Does it works?

If it works as root put your user into the group cdrom or audio or / and
change the rights of cdrecord

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