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Re: lm_sensors

On 19:38 Sat 30 Jul 2005, Adam Hardy wrote:
> When I installed the new kernel with the debian package, I configured it 
> with make xconfig, but I didn't see any choices for i2c_i801 in the i2c 
> section. Now I see it, but it is greyed out and I cannot select it.

Not sure what's wrong. try 'make menuconfig' and see what this module depends on.
> Also, what happened to my boot logging? dmesg doesn't contain it, and in 
> my /etc/init.d dir, I see a stop_bootlogd script. Is this what's 
> stopping my boot logging? Or could it be configured to log it somewhere 
> other than /var/log?

You need to start bootlogd service to see you bootlog. The easiest way is to
install 'sysvconfig' and start bootlogd service. 

Hope it helps. 



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