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Re: ftp fails first time when using apt-get

Daniel McBrearty wrote:


First check manual if your router succesfully make a connection to the internet. I've used those D-link before on belgian internet providers and sometimes it's hard to get it connected. Especially check the ATM PVC properties, they differ depending the provider you use. When you think your modem made a correct connection, try to ping something on the internet using the ipadres. You could try `ping` which is www.debian.org. If this works correct, try the dns-server your router provides. Somewhere on the status page, there must be a dns provided by your provider. On scarlet it should be something like `ping`. Once this is working, try to query the dnsserver of your provider using dig or host like `host www.scarlet.be` If you get correct answers, you can finish testing `host www.debian.org` which should return the ip of www.debian.org querying the nameservers provided by your /etc/resolv.conf

Hope it helps,


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