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Re: Firewall & IP Forwarding problems

Ronald Castillo wrote:

> I'm trying to connect my pocket pc by wíreless to my VMWare Windows 2000
> virtual PC.  Which means, I need a completely transparent connection
> between my eth1 (wireless) and vmnet8 (vmware emulated lan) devices.

> So far, I've tried using the following script:

[snipped for brevity]

If you want a completely transparent connection, you need to look at
bridging, not NAT via IPTables. If you can make this work via IPTables at
all, then you won't need NAT - just some basic static routes.

> After applying this script, I'm able to ping the pocketpc from the
> VMWare system

Can you ping vmnet8 from the PocketPC?

> and, when I tap on "Connect" on the pocketpc, Activesync 
> on the VMWare system starts rolling but stops a while later saying a
> "Critical communication services failed to start..." error which I
> learned was because a firewall blocked the application. 

What IP address are you connecting to - eth1 or vmnet8?

If eth1, then know that nothing in your script tells the system to redirect
traffic from eth1 to vmnet8.

If vmnet8, then check the routes on the PocketPC and make sure it knows to
go through eth1 to get to vmnet8, and also know that the MASQUERADE line is
completely unneeded.

Also, I see you enabled logging for all traffic not passed via the FORWARD
chain - what do your logs show?


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