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Re: sharing i386 and amd64 /etc and /home

Hi Clive

Not sure if this reply is for Alex or me,or both:-).

If you refer to the amd64 howto, it is shown how to bind chroot /home -
I'm assuming you have a chroot.


Running applications inside the chroot (e.g. OpenOffice.org

This was exactly the guide I used to set up my chroot.

To run an application inside the chroot you will need some parts of your
64bit system tree inside the chroot. This can be achieved with a bind
mount. In this example we will bind /tmp to the chroot for the X11
sockets which are in /tmp, and bind /home to access the home directories
from within the chroot. You may also want to mount the /proc and /sys
filesystems within the chroot. Edit your fstab and add the required

# ia32 chroot
/home           /var/chroot/sid-ia32/home none  bind            0
/tmp            /var/chroot/sid-ia32/tmp none   bind            0
proc            /var/chroot/sid-ia32/proc proc  defaults        0

Mine are mounted at /emul/linux-ia32/ and I don't think I have a /home bind mount, maybe that was the problem. Probably too late to change this now as I have created some stuff in amd64 that is outside the symlinks but I might back up and give it a try.

I also have an entry in fstab to mount the partition to mount /dev/hda3 (ia32 partition) at /emul/linux-ia32/. Seems to work for me.



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