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Re: Three OS on one HD

Rajiv Vyas wrote:
Newbie question.

I am thinking about having three OS (XP, Debian and SuSE) on one HD. I'll mostly be using Debian (70%), XP (20 to 25%) and ocassionally SuSE. What's the best way to go about partitioning the HD. Will load XP first for sure.



Check the list archives and other lists as well, this topic has been covered extensively. You are right to put XP on your first physical partition. And you can even use the XP boot loader to multi-boot if you want, though grub works fine with XP. If you want to share files with XP, use a FAT32 part since NTFS writing is not well supported. I think you can share a home partition between SuSE and debian, but I am not sure.

So you might have:
1) XP (NTFS)
2) FAT32
3) Extended 1
	5) sys1
	6) swap 1
	7) home

4) Extended 2
	9) sys2
	10) swap 2

There are of course other options.  You should explain your needs more.

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