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Re: No Screens Found

Cecil wrote:

I am working on an IBM Aptiva and getting the error message that no screen is found when I start XFree86.

HP 845c USB on Usb0;

Gayle wrote:

I successfully used suggestions to me on the Debian KDE list to get my USB HP printer working.

ii hpijs 2.1.2+0.9.2-2 HP Linux Printing and Imaging - gs IJS drive ii hplip 0.9.2-2 HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (hplip)
ii  hplip-data     0.9.2-2        HP Linux Printing and Imaging - data files

I also have cups and xprt installed. I definitely think cups is needed but don't know
about xprt or xprint.

The subject was Re: In search of the 'Perfect' URI for usb printers
on the Debian KDE list

Debian Woody 3.0 ... using the bf24 boot option (kernel 2.4), Ext3 fs.

Gayle wrote:

I run that on a Gateway 500 using Ext2 fs.

<< chomp chomp >>
  I also need help with setting up printers

Gayle wrote:
See above for one down; one to go.

and sound, so....maybe after X starts, we can go into those.  Thanks.

Did you try the generic setting?  (IIRC, either vga or vesa?)

Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> wrote:

how about including your XF86Config-4, and the tail of /var/log/kdm.log (just enough to see one instance of X failing to start. should be from some lines about " Debian heavily modified... blah blah blah" to the end)


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