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Some Gnome themes not displaying properly...?

Hey ho,

On this new Debian installation, after I installed some gtk2-engine
packages, some of them just don't seem to display properly.

Some do, but most don't (Gorilla, Industrial, Clearlooks, Bluecurve
etc.). I can select them in gnome-theme-manager just fine, but what
I get is just a default theme (or rather, for some reason, the Mist
theme). The GTK stock icons, however, change appropriately.

Restarting Gnome or even X doesn't help; building the engines myself
doesn't change anything either. No relevant error messages appear
when I start gnome-theme-manager from a command line. I honestly have
no idea what might be the cause of this.

Has anyone seen something like this before? Or would somebody know
what I might be missing, package or setting wise?


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