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Re: squid snmp timeout [solved]

On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 08:35:27AM -0300, Miguel wrote:
> Well, here we go! After browsing the squid-users list, I figured out.
> First problem, the squid documentation says that squid uses snmp 1 and 2,
> but
> de facto only version 1 works AFAIK.
> And I dont know what is the meaning of this number: .
> This command returns some information, but I dont know how to get more
> information
> using snmp.
> gw:/etc/squid# snmpwalk -c public -m /usr/share/squid/mib.txt -v 1
>    .


Maybe you can find some answers in /usr/share/squid/mib.txt for these
numbers. I am also a snmp-newbie.

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