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Re: A Question about Bittorrent

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 00:30:37 -0500
"Benjamin Sher" <sher07@mindspring.com> wrote:

> restarts my download. But there is no progress bar and no 
> partial file on my desktop or wherever. How can I be sure 
> that it is still downloading. It's been three hours. I use ADSL.

Wbat client are you using? Even the textual mode clients should offer
some sort of confirmation that something is happening, such as download
speed, percent done, and so forth. If you aptitude install bittornado &
bittornado-gui these will replace the other choices (using /etc/
alternatives -- you can still invoke the older clients by name, though)
you'll get a nicer summary of what's going on. Also, bttornado-gui (at
least for me) uses saner defaults for # of possible connections - the
other clients I've used simply swamp my connection to the point that
other net activity slows down as to be unusable. I have ADSL (1500
down, 128 up) as well here.

> Benjamin

Didn't I run into you several years ago on redhat lists? :)

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