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Re: Howto find and remove unused libraries?

frazu wrote:
> How can I find libraries etc that were installed as dependencies, but 
> which currently have no "dependants" installed? IE the package that 
> caused apt to install them isn't installed anymore.

Note the use of backtics as opposed to quotes here:  
        wajig purge `deborphan`
        apt-get remove --purge `deborphan`

We are not removing deborphan here; it creates a list.

Deborphan and debfoster are very handy, although incompatible with
aptitude (which will re-install what they removed). Wajig has a plethoria
of options, check it out. 

Debfoster will go through your entire system and ask about each package
(and dependancies). The first time use will be time consuming, be
prepared for it. You can quit and come back later. Another useful tool 
is called "cruft".

Hope this helps. :-)

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