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DRM failure with ATI radeon 9200 and Kernel 2.6


Hardware acceleration (DRI) is not working with my ATI Radeon 9200 card
on a fresh install of Debian Sarge (3.1), using the AMD 64 build of Kernel 2.6.

From /var/log/XFree86.0.log I'm seeing this message:
(II) RADEON(0): [drm] drmSetBusid failed (5, PCI:1:0:0), Invalid argument
(EE) RADEON(0): [dri] DRIScreenInit failed.  Disabling DRI.

Googling, I found some references to a similar problem with the same
driver when gcc 3 was used to compile the module (or when it was
mixed with a kernel built with 2.95?).  However, that was a "Permission
denied" error instead of "Invalid argument".  That was with Debian
"unstable" in 2003, which probably was "Sarge", IIRC, although given
that there were such problems, it seems unlikely that it would've gone

This line has been reported with "Invalid argument" for some other drivers,
but so far, I haven't found a similar report for the radeon. Unfortunately,
the only sites I found are in German and Russian, which I don't speak, so
I can't really follow the discussion, so I'm just guessing based on the 
log messages they posted.

The XF86Config-4 file has a very simple entry for DRI:
Section "DRI"
        Mode    0666
so I don't *think* it's a problem with the configuration.

That leaves me with the possibility of a (probably different) compiler issue.
How can I tell which compiler built the kernel and radeon modules that
I'm using?

What exactly is the "Invalid argument" message I'm seeing?  I'm guessing
this might be a C API mismatch?  Or maybe there is something being passed
from a config file that I can change?

Any recommendations for what to try next?

Any ideas appreciated,

Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

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