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cannot burn 612MB iso


Trying to write 612 MB data on CD-ROM. I am using nautilus-cd-burner
to create an iso image and then using dvdrecord(tried cdrecord, as
well) to burn it on CD-ROM. iso file is created successfully and the
image is written on the disk successfully.

However, when I try to check md5sums of all files on the new cd-rom,
some of the files fail. also /var/log/messages collects some errors
when md5sum tries to read the mentioned files.
Jun 24 22:03:01 localhost kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
Jun 24 22:03:01 localhost kernel: hdc: rw=0, want=944764, limit=800444

I recreated the iso and tried to burn those images several times,
always the same files fail md5sum check.

What can be the problem?

thank you

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