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Re: openoffice,cups,samba, and n-up

En/La Matt Price ha escrit, a 23/06/05 18:46:
> hi folks,
> The printer	 use is hooked up to a little printserver/router which
> runs an lp queue.  I can't access it directly, so instead I go through
> a shared windows printer queue on anotherm achine.  
> Prining works fine, but lately, I've been printing out Openoffice
> Impress slideshows to take notes on.  This works best if I print the
> slideshows in 4-up mode.  However, there's no "n-up" configuration in
> either the Openoffice print dialog, orthe CUPS web-based printer configuration
> screens.
> Does anyone knowa work3aroun1d for this situation?  I imagine, given
> that OOo (this is 1.9.108, btw, using the packages from
> people.debian.org) seems to lack a native n-up processing utility,
> that the best thing to do would be to somehow rig up a new printer
> definition in CUPS which somehow piped the data into a 4-up filter
> before sending it to the printer; but I don't know how to do this.
> any hints?
> thanks,
You might try asking your question at the newsgroup
gmane.comp.openoffice.general or else subscribing to the list:
It's a good place for openoffice-related issues.

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