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sata device position and SW Raid


I have 4 SATA (sda1, sdb1, sdc1, sdd1) hard drives in a software raid 5.
I have 1 other SATA drive (sde1) just mounted seperatly.

I noticed that on a reboot, and one of the raid drives dies, the other drives
just fall into place. For example:
If sdc fails, or is powered off, then
sda1 stays as -->sda1
sdb1 stays as -->sdb1
sdd1 becomes -->sdc1
sde1 becomes -->sdd1

So because sdc is out of the picture, sde (my 5th single drive) essentially now becomes sdd. and this would screw up my raid array and also, it doesn't get mounted properly because /etc/fstab is looking for an sde1 device that doesn't exist.
Is there a way to lock sata drives into sdx position that won't change?


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