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New install doesn't see DHCP

I just tried a new Sarge install here at my job this time.  Now I'm having a
different problem.  The installer seems to "execute?" dhcp connections alright,
at least on the initial cd install (it for instance, gets the domain name 
correct in the guess for that value, and ifconfig gives an ip address of, and it sticks three nameserver ipaddrs in resolv.conf, and I
can ping all of these), but when I reboot to engage in the network installation
activity, and it gets to the dhcp section, it fails as follows:

DHCPDISCOVER on eth1 to port 67 interval 7

and there are some ten of those with varying intervals until it finally gives up

No DHCP OFFERS received
No working leases in persistent database


Failed to bring up eth1.

and I end up with no network.  Perhaps this is a simple problem, but I'm not
seeing what it is.  The net-dead system has the same resolver stuff, but
ifconfig doesn't show a normal ipv4 address (no ip address at all, just a
hw one).  I can ifconfig the eth1, but it no longer sees anything outside.
This behavior is completely consistent, so it certainly makes me WANT to
blame it on the install, and not on the LAN here, but who knows.  Maybe the
install makes some assumptions about open security that the production
configuration does not.  At any rate,...Help!  Please of course.

Sincerely, Xeno

Pride before justice      equals destabilization.
Power before truth        equals destruction.
Profit before environment equals doom.
Xeno Campanoli, xeno@eskimo.com, http://www.eskimo.com/~xeno

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