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Re: Can't Defrag Ext3 File System

Ian Langnickel wrote:

Hi Steef,

as my mailrules fail to automatically move your messages into my
mailinglist folder and I always have to move them manually I would like
to ask you to correct some setting in your mailreader software.

The "To: " header is broken with your current configuration, I think it
is your addressbook entry:

--- snip ---
Illegal-Object: Syntax error in To: address found on mailgate.god.de:
	To:	debian@murphy.debian.org:gebruikerslijst <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
						^-missing end of address

--- snipp ---

Thanks a lot!


Ian has some trouble with my adressing to the mailing list. see above. somebody else the same trouble?

please inform me. i cannot find something unusual, but would like to help him (and possibly others) out. yet i changed something in the adress-entries. instead of *debian:gebruikerslijst <................>* it is now *gebruikerslijst <..................>*.



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