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Re: gnome system sounds crackling (or hoarse) after upgrade


I am runnig a Etch laptop:
I have exactly same trouble with Gnome.


H. S. wrote:

I am having this strange problem. I recently upgraded a laptop running
Debian Unstable and a dektop running Debian Testing. Both machines now
have a faulty Gnome session sounds(login sound, logout sound, system
sounds). The sounds seem to crackle (as if there is static in them or as
if they sound hoarse). If I run KDE though, all sounds are clean.
Chromium and ppracer both have clean sounds. Is anybody else facing this
problem? Both machines are running 2.6.11 kernel.


Packages info:
{~}> COLUMNS=100 dpkg -l gnome*  *esd* | grep ^i
ii  gnome               64                  The GNOME Desktop
Environment, with extra components
ii  gnome-about         2.8.3-2             The GNOME about box
ii  gnome-alsamixer     0.9.6-1             ALSA sound mixer for GNOME
ii  gnome-applets       2.8.2-3             Various applets for GNOME 2
panel - binaries files
ii  gnome-applets-data  2.8.2-3             Various applets for GNOME 2
panel - data files
ii  gnome-audio         2.0.0-2             Audio files for Gnome
ii  gnome-backgrounds   2.10.1-1            a set of backgrounds
packaged with the GNOME desktop
ii  gnome-bin           1.4.2-20            Miscellaneous binaries used
ii  gnome-control-cente 2.8.2-3             The GNOME Control Center for
ii  gnome-core          64                  The GNOME Desktop
Environment -- essential components
ii  gnome-cups-manager  0.25-2.1            CUPS printer admin tool for
ii  gnome-desktop-data  2.8.3-2             Common files for GNOME 2
desktop apps
ii  gnome-desktop-envir 64                  The GNOME Desktop Environment
ii  gnome-doc-tools     1.0-6.1             Tools, stylesheets and DTDs
for GNOME.
ii  gnome-extra-icons   1.0-1               Optional GNOME icons
ii  gnome-games         2.8.3-2             games for the GNOME desktop
ii  gnome-games-data    2.8.3-2             data files for the GNOME games
ii  gnome-games-extra-d 2.8.0-3             games for the GNOME desktop
(extra artwork)
ii  gnome-gv            2.8.4-1             GNOME PostScript viewer
ii  gnome-icon-theme    2.10.1-2            GNOME Desktop icon theme
ii  gnome-icon-theme-su 0.2.5-1             Suede icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
ii  gnome-keyring       0.4.2-1             GNOME keyring services
(daemon and tools)
ii  gnome-libs-data     1.4.2-20            Data for GNOME libraries
ii  gnome-media         2.8.0-0.4           Gnome 2 Media Utilities
ii  gnome-mime-data     2.4.2-1             base MIME and Application
database for GNOME.
ii  gnome-nettool       1.2.0-1             network information tool for
ii  gnome-office        64                  The GNOME Office suite
ii  gnome-panel         2.8.3-1             launcher and docking
facility for GNOME 2
ii  gnome-panel-data    2.8.3-1             common files for GNOME 2 panel
ii  gnome-session       2.8.1-6             The GNOME 2 Session Manager
ii  gnome-system-monito 2.8.1-2             Process viewer and system
resource monitor for GNOME 2
ii  gnome-system-tools  1.0.0-1             Cross-platform configuration
utilities for GNOME
ii  gnome-terminal      2.8.2-2             The GNOME 2 terminal
emulator application
ii  gnome-themes        2.8.2-3             official themes for the
GNOME 2 desktop
ii  gnome-themes-extras 0.8.1-1             various themes for the GNOME
2 desktop
ii  gnome-u2ps          0.0.4-2             Tool to convert UTF-8 text
to PostScript
ii  gnome-utils         2.8.1-1             GNOME desktop utilities
ii  gnome-vlc           0.8.1.svn20050314-1 GNOME frontend for VLC
(dummy legacy package)
ii  gnome-volume-manage 1.2.1-1             GNOME daemon to auto-mount
and manage media devices
ii  gnome2-user-guide   2.8.1-2             GNOME 2 User's Guide
ii  gnomemeeting        1.2.1-1             The GnomeMeeting Voice Over
IP Suite
ii  alsaplayer-esd      0.99.76-0.3         PCM player designed for ALSA
(ESD output module)
ii  gstreamer-esd       0.6.4-5.1           Enlightened Sound Daemon
plugin for GStreamer
ii  libesd-alsa0        0.2.35-2            Enlightened Sound Daemon
(ALSA) - Shared libraries
ii  vlc-plugin-esd      0.8.1.svn20050314-1 Esound audio output plugin
for VLC

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