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Re: Kopete, ICQ 10 minutes limit

>> I'm using ICQ on notebook with windows XP, and when working on Sarge , i'm 
>>using kopete in KDE with same UIN. It always worked nice, but when i want 
>>to connect kopete to ICQ on linux, it dislayed an error message for few 
>>weeks ago.
>>Message is still same: "The account <UIN> will be disconnected for exceeding 
the rate limit. Please wait approximately 10 minutes before reconnecting."
>> I tried Gaim, but error is the same. On windows i can connect, even when on 
>>Linux this message come.
>> I'm not sure if it's a problem of ICO's server, where I'm conecting or 
>>settings of my kopete, or it's a bug of kopete.
>> Both computer is conected to internet by same conection. Linux is the 
>>gateway, where i run iptables SNAT and state firewall. Windows is behind 

I had the same issue. I ran 'apt-get remove --purge kopete && apt-get install 
kopete' After that I set up my account again, the error message was gone ;-)

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