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Re: setting the umask globally

Quoting Øyvind Lode <o-lode@online.no>:

martin f krafft wrote:
I need to set the global umask to 007. The files in which umask is
set are:

  /etc/profile: default at 022, i changed that to 007.
  /etc/login.defs: default at 022, i changed that to 007.
  /etc/skel/.bash_profile | /home/*/.bash_profile: commented out

Nevertheless, the umask of a new SSH session is still 022. What am
I missing?
That should work.
I just tried it and it worked.
I edited /etc/profile, and then commented out the umask in ~/.bash_profile
and then re-logged in via ssh. umask showed what was set in /etc/profile.

Could there be some other variable that it grabs the umask from?

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