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Re: Thunderbird annoyance

En/La Mitja Podreka ha escrit, a 15/06/05 06:33:
> Hello
> When using Thunderbird I get reminded all the time to "compact the
> folder to save space".
> I know this is good, but i want to do it when I want, not evertime I
> want to read my new mail!
> And when I click Cancel or OK button on the popup window, my cursor
> changes, to the one which appears when I drag&drop things, so I have to
> click once more to get rid of it and then finally I can start to read mail.
> Any idea?
Hi Mitja,
Can you give us a hint?
1. What version of TBird?
2. Which debian?
I'm running TBird 1.0.2 on Debian 2.6.8-2 (Etch) and have never received
that message.
3. Have you tried googling, say, thunderbird compacting folders?
I found this:

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