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Re: Top posting

On Friday 10 June 2005 01:51 am, Caleb Walker wrote:
> When will this off-topic thread die?  Going through the list, most of
> what I receive is about top posting vs. bottom posting.  Who cares
> already.  

That was my point from the beginning, but it seems some people are VERY 
passionate that there is only one way to post.

Why it's such a big deal to them, I'll never know, but some people don't seem 
able to accept that different people do things differently.

> It was interesting for the first 100 posts but now it is old. 

As one of the original posters (and with a few other posts), it was never 
interesting.  It went almost immediately from looking at different points of 
view to several people stating, in some cases, with strong anger, that there 
is only one right way, and everyone else is wrong.

It reminds me of the church school I had to teach in while I was getting my 
certification.  A few people listened to different points of view, the rest 
went around shouting at the top of their lungs how they were right, the rest 
were wrong, and anyone who didn't listen to them and do it there way was 
doomed to hell.


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