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Re: i think I switched to Etch without knowing it

Guillaume TESSIER wrote:

I have been using debian sarge while in testing for some times and got really satisfied.

However, i tought i'd just continue to use when it well get frozen.
I'm not that much of a purist but Woody was really outdated.

The problem is that i did some apt-get upgrade a fiew days ago (don't remember exactly which days...) and i hear yesteday that debian sarge got frozen. Therefore everything has slided : and as my apt-sources are pointing on "main testing", i guess i'm by now using etch.

My question would be : am i really using etch by now? And broadly : what am i running????????????????????
It's a bit irritating not knowing what you're running......

Thanks, as i guess i'm not alone to wonder what is in his comp by now!


I think /etc/debian-version has the information you are looking for.

Also, I think you shouldn't have to remember the exact date of your
upgrade, because the time-stamps in the dpkg/apt var package directories
should tell the story.

(That way I guess you know which daily backup you should use to restore
your system to sarge, right?)

One thing that seems undisputed is that upgrades are irreversible
in Debian, and I don't see any way to fix that since upgrades alone
are a difficult enough accomplishment.  (I guess it does present a nice
little puzzle to solve for anyone with too much free time on their hands.)

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