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Re: Two sound problems (debian: addressed to exclusive sender for this address)

> My other problem extends to both KDE and GNOME: my master volume
> slider has no effect on my volume. If I open the mixer and adjust the
> individual components, that works fine. But the master volume has no
> effect whatsoever.

I have found a solution to this problem: 


It says "in some implementations the codec control labeled PCM2 is
actually main volume." So it is with my system. The GNOME master
volume slider lets you assign that slider to whatever sound output you
want, so I will change that to PCM2...

I love crappy hardware...I can't find a solution to my other problem
with the inability to play MP3s in KDE (a problem which has also
existed for me with other distros--KNOPPIX and Mandriva, which isn't
even Debian based) but maybe my hardware is just screwed up.

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