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Re: How can I share a mailbox between multiple OSes

On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 02:08:22PM -0700, David Witbrodt wrote:
} This is a newbie question.  I just installed Debian and several other
} OSes onto my old machine.  As I have been reading the docs, and have
} started configuring things to my liking, I found myself wondering whether
} an email application exists that would allow me to store my mailbox files
} on a common data partition, which could be then used by whatever OS was
} currently running.
} I get my email via POP3 from my ISP, so I was thinking that there might
} be a single program that has been ported to all of the OSes, making it
} possible to use a common mailbox from each platform.
} Anyone out there doing this?  Is is even possible?  Seems to me like it
} should be, but I've never faced this scenario before, so I'm facing a
} steep learning curve...

In general, the right way to do this is to run an IMAP server on some other
machine and use that. The email resides on the IMAP server but is
accessible from any email client that can speak IMAP, which is nearly
everything out there.

} Thank,
} Dave W.

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