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Woody-No Mouse, Sarge-OK

This problem started after removing devfsd on Sarge to overcome a conflict between udev and devfs. It just took a while to realize it as woody is not booted very often. So, I reinstalled devfsd and recreated the symlink ln -s /dev/mouse /dev/psaux. Although this hasn't changed anything when booting Sarge, neither has it restored the mouse when booting Woody. Gpm and udev are installed and functioning on Sarge. Gpm and devfsd are
installed, but not functioning on Woody.
Symptoms include no mouse(gpm) on console; have mouse pointer in KDE but doesn't respond to movement of mouse but will respont to mouse keys although still can't select any thing with mouse buttons. After much Googling on woody, devfsd and symlink /dev/mouse still can't come up with a solution although there
are many references.  Man devfsd didn't help either.

I'm sure there is a simple solution but I can't run it down. Perhaps one on the list could point me in the right direction.
Thanks for any help,

Leonard Chatagnier

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