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Re: the first contact with debian

1. in the red hat I used before, I could read from or write to floppy simply by the mouse right clicking on the graphical desktop, and then: disk->floppy.
How can I access floppy in the graphical mode in debian
I'm using KDE on Sarge and if I click on the floppy icon in file manager Konqueror it automaticaly mounts the floppy disk and shows the content of it. For umnouting I right click the icon and chose unmount. Couldn't be simpler than that. This is out of the box setting.

3. I have digital camera, How can I download photos through the usb port?
Try to google around for your model. I use Olympus and I can get the picture the same way as I described above. Connect camera, go to Konqueror, mount it, select the files and drag&drop them into my photo directory.
I did it like this:
1. make mount point
mkdir /mnt/foto

2. put something like this in your /etc/fstab file
/dev/sda1       /mnt/foto       vfat    noauto,user            0       0
if you have more USB connectors you will have to find the right one. I have two. One for keyboard and the other (/dev/sda1) for everything else

3. do the same things that you would do with your floppy or CD i.e. mount/copy/unmount

Mitja Podreka

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