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Re: can ping but mozilla doesn't work

Hi Kent

It's the same in both cases. They point to the router.

I tried some other browsers. Firefox, mozilla and epiphany all have
the same problem. Konqueror doesn't. So it is both kernel dependent
AND browser dependent (I think firefox and moz are pretty much the
same beast underneath, so I'm not surprised that they both do it. No
idea about epiphany.)

Other than the other link I posted, I found a few other reports of
this bug. Most people had it intermittently though. There was even a
bug entered on mozilla once - then they found out that opera did it
too, and closed it. I also noticed that a few of the other people
having this were also on Athlon platforms, like me ... might or might
not be coincidence.

My best guess is that this is some interaction between low level code
in some browsers and the library code for 2.6. But it would take
somebody expert in how that part of the code works to get to the
bottom of it.

Not sure whether at this stage to consider raising a bug report
against 2.6 To me it's clear that there is a defect somewhere - but
whether it's the kernel or the browser(s) or both is anyone's guess.


Daniel McBrearty
Electronics and Software Engineering

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