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What can't CUPS start up?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to start cupsd, but I get this error message:

I [31/May/2005:15:34:58 -0400] Listening to 7f000001:631
I [31/May/2005:15:34:58 -0400] Loaded configuration file "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf"
I [31/May/2005:15:34:58 -0400] Configured for up to 100 clients.
I [31/May/2005:15:34:58 -0400] Allowing up to 100 client connections per host.
I [31/May/2005:15:34:58 -0400] Full reload is required.
I [31/May/2005:15:35:00 -0400] LoadPPDs: Read "/etc/cups/ppds.dat", 2348 PPDs...
I [31/May/2005:15:35:01 -0400] LoadPPDs: No new or changed PPDs...
I [31/May/2005:15:35:01 -0400] Full reload complete.
E [31/May/2005:15:35:01 -0400] StartListening: Unable to bind socket for address 7f000001:631 - Cannot assign requested address.

Does anyone know why I might be getting this? (cups used to work on my system; I'm not sure when it stopped.)

Thanks very much,

Christian Convey
Computer Scientist,
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Newport, RI

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