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Re: MySQL Performance Woody Vs Sarge

In article <[🔎] 429D687C.4000401@ix.netcom.com>,
Marty  <martyb@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Simon:
>>> Jacob S wrote:
>>> # hdparm /dev/hde
>>> [...]
>>> # hdparm /dev/hdg
>> Again, I think you are searching in the wrong direction. Your 'hdparm
>> -tT' results clearly showed that the great difference between your
>> servers doesn't lie in hard disk performance (48 to 43 MB/s), but in
>> Memory/CPU performance (278 to 58 MB/s).
>That would be a very gross misconfiguration.  To me it seems far more
>likely that raid caching is simply disabled, possibly in the driver.

There is no such thing as "raid caching". There is something
called "write caching", but that doesn't have anything to
do with reads.

I also think that the hdparm -tT shows that there is something
wrong with the board/ram/cpu/bios.


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