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dvd strangeness....


strange things happens.... that my laptop is unable to use a cdrom-drive
under linux, i am slowly getting used to it...

but now my main comp (after the last update) shows the same behaviour

ide_cd and isofs are loaded...
i have the correct entry in fstab (making the line by hand doesn't
    change anything)
i burned a dvd (with growisofs -Z /dev/hda=/trash/isos/sample.iso)
tested the dvd (had to reboot the laptop under windows... argh...)
  dvd is fine
try to mount it on the server (as sayd i abandoned the idea to get a cd
    or dvd mounted on my laptop under linux) the thing tells me :
mount: No medium found

ehm it found the medium to burn it, so what is happening now???

ciao bboett

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