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Re: tun failing: SIOCSIFADDR: No such device

Geoff Reidy a écrit :
Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

Have you tried Google?  It could be one of several things and there are
literally hundreds of mailing list and support forum posts encompassing
pretty much every version of the kernel on every distro out there.  Try
that first.


I've tried google already of course, but either the problem is stated and no answer received or people seeing the error haven't loaded the module. I get the same error whether the module is loaded or not. I was hoping someone could at least confirm whether tun works in this kernel or not.


1) Load the right module for your ethernet device
2) ifconfig eth0
3) route add default netmask gw (ip of your gateway)

if it is already done, try :
/etc/init.d/networking restart

Faire reagir les cons, c ce ki demande le + d'intelligence!

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