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xvnc4viewer and other vnc questions?

What is the difference between these two:
xvnc4viewer (1)      - VNC viewer for X
xvncviewer (1)       - VNC viewer for X


>From what I have read, tightvnc is prefered.

A guy who runs different version of linux
recommended this as:

He said it was more efficient in that it uses
your desktop X server that supply all the desktops
your CRT and also supplies the vnc desktop without
starting another x-server.

x11vnc must do something similar for debian, but
seemed slow.  I tested it out running the client
and server on the same machine.  The infinite
cascade of windows inside vnc windows confused me
at first.

What vnc are you guys using?
There seems to be also a java version in debian.

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