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Re: friendly scp (help)

On Mon, May 16, 2005 at 06:29:45PM +0200, mess-mate wrote:
> Lasse Pommerenke <housetier@gmail.com> wrote:
> | > I'm looking for a "file manager" like mc, but for scp connections.
> | 
> | Tux Commander looks like mc and supports scp connections. 
> | 
> Where can we get it ?
> The *.deb package from tux commander didn't install ( is not a deb
> file)
> And the tar.bz2 file wouldn't open.
Sounds like you had bad downloads.  Perhaps you clicked "Save As" on the 
links and got *.htm files instead of the .deb and .tar.bz2?  Have you 
tried "file" on the files you downloaded?  I downloaded the deb, was 
able to open it in mc and installed it.  (I used the Kent mirror, if 
that makes a difference).  I haven't tried the scp feature yet.

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