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Re: An EXCELLENT Microsoft ... MS is in trouble from OpenSource OSes like Linux

According to Stephen Patterson,
> Jude DaShiell wrote:
> > I hope you're writing about an excellent Microsoft heavy duty Shop Vac,
> > because otherwise excellent and Microsoft never get that close in
> > reality otherwise.
> ... and I thought MS products would stop sucking as soon as they started
>  making vacuums.

F***kin' vacuum locked up.  Gotta reboot it!

Then it didn't like the replacement pulley.  It wants a
driver upgrade!  

So I plug a cable into the ethernet port I didn't know it
had and...

Now it has a virus!  It wants me to go buy McAfee!

OK, did that, and it ran better for a week.

But now it won't even start.  And I paid $25 to have a Microsoft
support employee tell me I have to reinstall its operating
system from scratch.  I didn't even know it had an operating

I was a user who'd been used a few too many times.

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