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Re: i915, xinit: Xfree86 4.5 giving errors

On 2005-05-09 15:11:48 +0530, Atul Talesara wrote:
> I know you might want to look at my XF86Config file, it's not
> available with me right away. But I thought if someone already
> has an insight into this problem might solve it without config
> file details.

I have the following:

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Generic Video Card"
        Driver          "i810"
        VendorName      "Videocard vendor"
        BoardName       "Intel 915"

with XFree 4.3 (with i915 support) I got using:

deb http://debian.uni-klu.ac.at/debian.uniklu/ sarge/uniklu/desktop main contrib non-free

This was several months ago, I don't know if this still works...
See http://www2.uni-klu.ac.at/support/Debian for more information
if you're interested in this package.


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