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Re: sharing printer and internet connection between two Debian Sarge computers

Also sprach "Tony Ma" <tony__ma@hotmail.com> (Sun, 08 May 2005 07:42:11
> I have two desktop computers and both are installed with Debian sarge.
>  The 
> new computer has two ethernet ports, one of the ethernet port is
> connected  to the ADSL modem and this new computer is also connected
> to the USB  printer.
> The second ethernet port of the new computer is connected to the
> ethernet  port of the old computer.  How can I set both computer up so
> that the old  computer can also have access to the internet, printer
> and files on the new  computer (when the new computer is also turned
> on)?

install the cups server (and client) onto the new box and only the
client on the old box. edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf at the server to allow
machines in your network to use the printer and possibly also to allow
configuration from a remote host. 

on your old box edit /etc/cups/client.conf to point to the server. 

get yourself into groups "lp" to be allowed to print and maybe group
"lpadmin" too: to be allowed to change printer settings.

be aware to configure the cupsd to only listen on your internal
interface since your don't want internet access to your  printer.

from the new machine the cupsd can be configured with the  browser
pointed to http://localhost:631 ; from the remote host:

more information can be found in /usr/share/doc/<packet-name>

> Thanks!
> Mark

sl ritch. 

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