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Re: IM

Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Friday May 6 2005 7:54 am, Kent West wrote:
>>What Paul (I think it was Paul; I'm going on memory) means is that
>>you can post the image on your own personal web site, and then post
>>a link to that website in IRC or in IM. Many ISPs provide 10MB or
>>so of web space as part of their package (of course, many don't).
> In a pinch, you can also upload an image to my wiki for display.
> http://ursine.ca/Special:Upload

One viable solution is photobucket.com.  They have free accounts for
image hosting.  Or, if you want to get some geeky experience points,
you can apt-get install vsftpd, copy the image you want to share to
/home/ftp, set your firewall to allow access to port 21 from the
Internet, then post your current IP address so people can just ftp in
and see the image.  Granted, most ISPs don't actually like for their
users to host their own servers, but frankly, if it is just a
temporary thing there shouldn't be any problem.  And you can always
use the excuse that you did it for "educational" purposes.

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