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Re: xmesalib

I have it in my paws (the article) and skimmed it, but out of laziness
went right to the idea of manually renaming files and changing
links instead. My guess was that this was the not-pretty-but-
equivalent workaround and since it didn't work, I didn't go down
the documented workaround path any further.   I'll check out the
apt-get force-yes option.  I confess to a bit of nervousness after
seeing that the library was part of the driver code for the
graphics card. I have no desire to do something that will kill my
graphics ability...

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Steve Vejcik wrote:
> Thanks again for the info, unfortunately it didn't work. Very
> peculiar (or at least non-intuitive to me).   I tried the
> workaround of renaming the libGL.so.1.2 file but 
> I still couldn't get xlibmesa-gl to install-same 
> error mesage about overwriting the (non-existent!)
> libGL.so.1.2 file.  Thoughts anyone?
>  Steve

Did you read the article about dpkg-divert?

Otherwise, I think you could tell apt-get to overwrite the file with
the --force-yes option (check the man page first!).

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