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Re: cdrdao problem

> "Edward J. Shornock" <debian-ml@crazeecanuck.homelinux.net>
> Wrote:	A few (possible) things...
>It looks like you may be using SCSI emulation.  If so, try to remove 
>ide-scsi module with "rmmod ide-scsi".  If it is built-in to your
>kernel, try recompiling without SCSI emulation.
>What if you change the --device part to "--device ATAPI:0,0,0" ?
>Does it fail if you run the command as root?  If not, are you in the
>"cdrom" group?  What are the permissions on /usr/bin/cdrdao?
>On my server, after adding myself to the cdrom group and setting 
>setuid, I receive the following:
>$ cdrdao scanbus
>Cdrdao version 1.1.9 - (C) Andreas Mueller <andreas@daneb.de>
 >SCSI interface library - (C) Joerg Schilling
  >Paranoia DAE library - (C) Monty

>Check http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/drives.html#dt for current driver

>Using libscg version 'schily-0.8'

>ATA:1,0,0            HP      , CD-Writer cd16b , 2.00
>ATA:1,1,0            SAMSUNG , DVD-ROM SD-616F , F100


I agree; if your using a 2.6 kernel you really do not need scsi 
emulation, its depreciated anyway.  Also if your going to copy music 
from a cd to harddrive, or to another format you might want to try 
cdda2wav, cdda2mp3, cdda2ogg all those work fine, gives you the 
desired format.

If you do use cdrdao you might want to use the read-cd option. Which 
might look something like this. You might want to see the man page, 
or the info page of cdrdao for more information.

cdrdao read-cd --device ATA:0,0,0 --driver genric-mmc-raw --datafile 
music_rules --eject


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